Active listening training courses.

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Blended Learning active listening training course

Innovative professional training course to develop your employees’ listening skills.

Listening isn’t always so easy...

Active listening is a technique which helps you to better understand verbal and non-verbal communication. Our active listening training course enables your employees to be more effective both face-to-face and in groups, to improve their ability to listen and to communicate on a daily basis, as well as their relational efficiency. It’s an essential training course for any employee.

Active listening training courses.

Innovative and efficient Blended Learning training course to improve your employees’ listening and communication skills

Combination of 2 interlinked learning sources:
Online learning (videos, quizzes, assessments, etc.)
Lessons with certified trainers.

Focus : para-verbal attitude and communication Techniques for listening, investigating and rephrasing. Tools to question and decipher the person you’re speaking to.

Master techniques for listening and asking questions quickly.
Immediate implementation.

Interview ahead of the training course with a trainer and a consultant to establish objectives.

Adaptable, depending on objectives

Any employee

An original and effective approach to quickly master questioning techniques.


Blended Learning

Adaptable Blended Learning training courses
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Complementarity of learning processes: videos, role plays, assessments, workshops
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Certified trainers

Lessons with certified trainers
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Online learning available all day, every day, a range of teaching methods (videoconference, face-to-face, etc.)

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