YES 'N' YOU’s teachers are all wonderful,

but which one will you choose ?

You started a new learning program in English with YES 'N' YOU and you want to book your next private class with a teacher by video-conference. This class will last 1h30. Easy! You just have to choose your teacher using these pieces of information:

Our English level is rather standard. You already use English at work since your company expands Internationally. But you decided to start a new learning program to upgrade your current English level and facilitate your professional exchanges.

October 12th could be the right day to have the private class. You will be at the office until 6 p.m. Your day will be busy though since you are currently working on this big project that will enable you to obtain new contracts in London. This private class would come at the right time because you would feel more comfortable in your exchanges in English.
To attend your English course by videoconference, you could find a vacant meeting room during your lunch break. Or it could take place after working hours, if your class started at 6.30 p.m.

Otherwise, you could book your private class on October 13th. It's your day off. But it would have to take place before your doctor appointment at 05:30 p.m. And don't forget that you are meeting a friend for lunch between 12 p.m and 2 p.m as well.
That being set, the class could occur in the morning but you would be polluted by your neighbor’s noises until 11 a.m since he is renovating his appartment. Unless you chose the afternoon! But you have to pick up your children at 4 p.m without forgetting to buy them delicious snacks beforehand.

Now, have a look at each of the following teachers, their profiles and their availabilities.


Laureen graduated from the University of Nottingham where she got her teaching degree. She is also one of our funniest teachers. Always smiling, she will always try and make you feel comfortable! Especially if you are a beginner in English.
Her student’s progress is her priority! She enjoys talking about everything but mostly about travels, cooking, arts, cultural outings
Check out her availabilities :
Justin has been teaching English for over ten years. Do not be disturbed by his Australian accent, you will soon feel at ease! He adapts himself very well to any English levels.
He has traveled a lot and loves to chat about travels, sports, culture or philosophy with his students.
Check out his availabilities :



Matt is the ideal teacher if you aim at improving your professional English. A career development or an International professional project? Matt is motivated by your motivation!
He is always happy to help his learners reach their goals.
Check out his availabilities :
Rhiann is passionate about teaching. For her, it’s a way to help her students fulfill their academic dreams. She will make sure you reach your full potential.
Marketing, Finance, Business… she’s an expert in professional English and will help you upgrade your language skills for your future International projects.
Check out her availabilities :


So, which teacher do you choose :

Laureen, Justin, Matt or Rhiann ?

Type your answer on the tablet 😉