Our offer

• Video lessons with native and dedicated teachers
(available 7 days a week – 7 am to 11 pm) – Paris time
• Possibility to choose your trainer
• Online exercises available on our platform 24/7
• Time investment: 1h30 to 2h per week

Our available certifications:
• CeLP (Certificate of language proficiency)

Want to improve your language skills?
Here are the 2 training courses available to you.

Business English Training

20 hours

4 months

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Improve your business English: Individual Private classes with native & certified teachers by videoconf : specific on-the-job skills thematic workshop in English (15 hours)

Practice your oral skills: English anytime, anywhere with native speakers directly from your smartphone, on the Speaken app (5 hours)

French Training
for beginners

15 hours

4 months

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Self-directed eLearning: individual & personalized lessons available anytime, anywhere on the online learning platform (8 hours)

Individual Private classes with native & certified teachers by virtual class: pratice and review the skills of each online courses (7 hours)

Your path to language upskill

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YES 'N' YOU also offers training in German or Spanish
via your CPF* or at your charge.

*French labour law training program