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Remote management training course

Innovative Blended Learning training course to manage teams remotely.

How to mobilise and motivate remote teams?

Our remote management training course will help your employees to acquire best practices and tools to promote cohesion, to co-ordinate activities and to optimise remote discussions.

Remote management training course.

Innovative Blended Learning training course to manage teams remotely.

Combination of 2 interlinked learning sources:
Online learning (videos, quizzes, assessments, etc.)
Lessons with certified trainers.

Master the specificities of remote management. Learn key roles, skills and tools of remote management.

Learn techniques to mobilise and motivate remote teams. Promote cohesion and autonomy remotely. Manage different situations

Interview ahead of the training course with a trainer and a consultant to establish objectives.

Adaptable, depending on objectives

Managers or future managers

Original & effective approach
to boost your teams’ performance and motivation ​


Blended Learning

Flexible Blended Learning Training

Multimodal - Yes N You


Complementarity of learning processes: videos, role plays, assessments, workshops.
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Certified trainers

Lessons with certified trainers
Flexibilité - Yes N You


Online learning available all day, every day, a range of teaching methods (videoconference, face-to-face, etc.)

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