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Flipped classroom training course

Adopting the flipped classroom principle for personal development training courses means inverting the traditional rules when it comes to learning.

More motivation and commitment when it comes to your personal development training courses

Flipped classroom training courses are increasingly popular with companies because they have the highest rates of success and commitment among students.

Blended Learning.

Our personal development training courses are Blended Learning courses, combining preparatory online exercises with classes with trainers. Our innovative educational approach combines different sources of learning to promote learning and memorization.

Flipped classroom training courses.

In accordance with the flipped classroom principle, the student begins with a preparatory course on our learning platform: videos, tests, texts, audio, quizzes – fun formats to encourage a desire to learn, before meeting the trainer. During the lesson with the trainer, the student puts his or her independent learning into practice. This learning technique is the foundation of our personal development training courses.

Certified trainers.

All our personal development trainers have coaching certification and are experienced in supporting managers and senior executives. They’ve been chosen for their expertise in their field and for their teaching skills. They know how to pass on their knowledge while motivating students.

Developpement Personnel Apprentissage

An interactive training platform.

Accessible whenever you want, wherever you want, the student chooses when to study on the interactive training platform. The student can review what he or she has learned independently and focus on the key points.

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