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Innovative professional training courses

Innovative Blended Learning professional training course to develop your employees’ skills.

Innovative professional training courses.

YES ‘N’ YOU is an EdTech which stands out with its capacity to build innovative and professional Digital Learning training courses. Alternating innovative learning methods and cutting-edge technologies, YES ‘N’ YOU focuses on adaptability to support your employees in their search to acquire new professional skills.

Our foundations.

Digital Learning

The success of training courses can’t just be digital
All our training courses are Blended Learning courses, designed to be accessible online but also combined with lessons and workshops run by trainers. As a precursor, YES ‘N’ YOU launched Task Blended Learning in 2005, the most effective and cost-efficient training solution. This experience has enabled us to create solutions using students’ feedback.

Education and technology

For personalized learning and to promote memorization
Today, certain kinds of technology promote learning. At YES ‘N’ YOU, we’ve tested and measured these technologies, developing them for more than 10 years to guarantee the success of our training courses. With our latest-generation Digital Learning solutions, your students make efficient progress.

Design, creativity, simplicity

For the optimum experience
Motivation and commitment are key when it comes to the learning process! At YES ‘N’ YOU, experience has shown the importance of creativity and design when creating efficient training courses. That's why our teams are made up of professional experts (artistic directors, educational engineers, motion designers, UX/UI developers, graphic designers, etc.) who can create design-based, simple and original training courses.

All our innovative and professional personal development training courses:

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Personalization & support.

Ahead of each of our training courses, we set objectives and challenges to be achieved by each of your employees to personalize their training experience. Our trainers and consultants support you throughout the training course.

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Unique educational method & operational training courses

All our training courses are Blended Learning training courses: they cleverly combine online learning and lessons with certified trainers to promote learning and memorization. Guaranteed commitment and success!

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Creativity and technology for more efficiency!

Created by educational engineers, experts in Learning Design (Motion Designers, Learning Producers) and creatives, all our training courses are creative, fun and innovative. Role plays help students to work on their self-confidence and to manage different situations.

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Flexibility & ROI.

Learn whenever you want, wherever you want! With our learning platform, you can measure each student’s development during training, transparently and objectively.

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