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Personal development training courses.

Put your employees’ skills to use with our personal development training courses.

Your skills at the heart of our training courses.

Personal development is in real demand in companies. Our Blended Learning personal development training courses are adaptable, creative and fun. Genuine corporate coaching tools, they encourage your teams to use their skills for communication, negotiation and management.

Our personal development training courses.

Unique corporate coaching training courses.

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Personalized training courses.

Interview ahead of the training course with a trainer and a consultant to establish your objectives and to adapt the training course to your company’s focus.
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Combining sources of learning for optimum progress.

  • Preparatory lessons: Online, individual and personalised preparation: an efficient and fun learning process with videos, audio, role plays, quizzes, etc.
  • Lessons with certified trainers: Lessons with trainers are adapted to your experience and your objectives to guarantee optimum and continuous progress.
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Our Blended Learning personal development training courses can be adapted to any schedule thanks to the flexibility of our online training courses and our range of teaching methods: via video conference or phone, face-to-face, etc.
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Created by educational engineers, experts in Learning Design (Motion Designers, Learning Producers and creatives), all our corporate coaching training courses are creative, fun and innovative to ensure that students are motivated and committed.

The YES 'N' YOU benefits

YES ‘N’ YOU accompanies you throughout your training thanks to dedicated tools and technologies for innovation and training.

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Who are we?

YES ‘N’ YOU an Edtech with innovative training solutions.
As a key player in Digital Learning, YES ‘N’ YOU offers training on strategic subjects which respond to the changing requirements of companies: from language training (language portal link) to the creation of tailor-made digital training (learning agency portal link) (security, digital transformation, professional training, management, personal development (soft skills portal link), etc.).

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