Make the learning process available to your learners – and manage it too.

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The LMS platform in the digital era!

Our SaaS solutions include a personalized service and tailor-made training courses.

The new-generation LMS, a multimodal and multi-profile environment

A single learning platform for students, trainers and training managers

With e-learning, face-to-face, video conferences and communication tools: messaging, gamification, forums, networks and online communities, personalized reports and more.

For students:

An environment which promotes and enhances their understanding of their profession and their company and the assimilation of transverse knowledge.

Initially, the LMS platform is software which makes digital and hybrid training content available to a community of students (e.g. virtual classes or webinars), designed according to an educational and tutorial strategy, with tests to confirm what students have learned.

For managers:

A tool to provide, manage and monitor the learning process.

The training environment allows managers to control access to resources, monitor students’ training courses, manage learning resources (both physical and human), assess the effectiveness of the learning process and manage related administrative documents.

On its own, the LMS (Learning Management System) is no longer enough

Today, it’s part of an environment which is synchronized with all the other tools required to develop training, communication and knowledge-sharing projects.

We assemble and co-ordinate this environment with authoring tools, LMS, CMS, BDD, sharing tools and more – all of which are responsive and SSO.

LCMS: what about creating your own educational content?

The LCMS is a Learning Content Management System: software allowing your educational designers to create from within the LMS, with the native authoring tool, educational content and e-learning materials, which will then be made available to students via the LMS. By combining and incorporating other authoring tools in advance, we offer you the opportunity to be much more creative.

All our platforms are...

1 ...Customisable

Our solution is flexible. The platform (LMS-CMS, etc.) is an ecosystem of features and modules which can be enabled or disabled at the request of our partner.

2 ...Usable Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device

Wherever they are and whatever device they use, users can follow their training courses and view group information. Trainers can monitor and manage their students directly from their account.

3 ...User-centric & design

Our END USER interface is functional, fun and intuitive: we’re convinced that UX/UI design is a key element which motivates students to learn!

4 ...Social

Learning with other people helps students to share their knowledge, skills and experiences, using collaborative tools. And because we always learn better by playing together, the learning platform is “gamified”.

5 ...Quick to roll out

Since our solutions are already pre-built (developments, architecture, features), it’s quick to roll out the LMS platform, personalized to match your company’s colors and to meet your company’s challenges.

6 ...Synchronisable with your IT system

Whether it’s synchronizing our solutions with your management solutions (CRM, ERP, CMS) or linking microsites to the platform, we work with you identify the ideal architecture based on your systems.

7 ...Compliant with SCORM and XAPI standards

Our LMS and other platforms can collect and communicate all the data a student can produce, whether online, remotely or face-to-face, regardless of the device with which data is saved and the technology used.

8 In SaaS mode...

The specific training environment is external to your IT system: you are not responsible for the maintenance, operation and hosting of the application – which is our job. Updates are automatic.

9 ...Without hidden or additional costs

The total costs of acquisition and maintenance of the solution (TCO) are optimized. Rented on a yearly basis, the cost is fixed; it includes software licensing, application hosting and infrastructure maintenance.

10 ...Secure: your data is safe

Every day, or even every hour, the data on your LMS is saved. Your exchanges with the server are SSL-encrypted.

Our features.

In addition to the classic features of tracking, content management, gamification and collaborative work, our LMS platforms include other key features :

The solution takes into account the concept of branches and groups. It makes it possible to organise and arrange different brands, sectors, populations and content in a segmented and hierarchical way. The same platform has endless possibilities for managing users and content.
The full range of teaching methods are possible: face-to-face, video conferences, webinars, by phone, using chat, etc.
The appearance and ergonomics of the platform can be co-ordinated and personalized according to users’ profiles.
Mobile Application
The mobile application helps you to attend your classes online, using your smartphone or any other mobile device. You can access your content even when offline.
Calendar and advanced scheduling
The training environment allows you to schedule face-to-face classes and remote learning (managing multiple demands with regards to face-to-face classes - dates, locations, groups, levels, waiting lists, notifications, cancellations and catch-up lessons).
Free choice when scheduling and catch-up lessons
We are the first to deliver a system offering free choice when scheduling individual sessions and integrated catch-up lessons.
YES ‘N’ YOU offers solutions which are compatible with: Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton, Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeeting, onSync by Digital Samba and Teleskill Live.

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