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Take advantage of Learning Design

Learning Design, technology and creativity to encourage learning!

Reinvent your training courses to create personalised, engaging and innovative programmes

Our objective: creating real learning opportunities, transforming training into a captivating experience!

We create transform training into a captivating experience!

We design the architecture of your training programmes by combining teaching methods (video conferences, Blended Learning, face-to-face), educational resources and the latest-generation technology.

Training programmes are designed with your help: we produce them, you approve them! Every stage is subject to your approval: storyboards, role plays, models, etc.

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Promote learning with Learning Design !

Beyond the fundamentals of Learning Design, we capitalise on methodologies, attitudes and emotions. We put students and their feedback at the heart of our learning strategy to deliver compelling and rewarding experiences.

Our three fundamentals: innovation, design and reactivity!


We use new technology – a sure-fire way to ensure that students are motivated and engaged.


The design and attractive look of our interfaces are among our priorities: they ensure a positive experience for students.


Direct contact with the educational engineer working on your project and the guarantee of our agility to efficiently move your training projects forward.

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