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Creating & producing company MOOCs

We design, produce and integrate tailor-made training modules: Company MOOCs, COOCs or SPOCs.

Tailor-made digital content : COOC, SPOC...

Yes N You

We imagine et produce tailor-made and certifying content, taking your constraints and objectives  into account.

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Your content systems

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Your offline contents

Digital - Yes N You

Your digital contents

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Your pedagogical objectives

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Your collaborators

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Your challenges

Combining teaching methods to respond to your company’s challenges and adapting to new ways of learning and teaching.

360° Video

360° Video Learning

Students are immersed and can discover and explore the work environment from all angles.


Rapid Learning

Brief training (from 10 seconds to 5 minutes) which focuses on the basics and facilitates regular and daily learning. It’s easy for students to learn wherever they are - as long as they have 5 minutes.


Memory Game

Because we always learn better by playing alone or with others, the platform is "gamified" or playful.

Online assessment

Online assessment

Learners and trainers can follow the scores achieved and the evolution of the performance. Certification and evaluation grid are available.


Social Learning

Promotes the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences, using collaborative tools.


Mobile Learning

Learning is adapted to all types of smart mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, media players, portable game consoles, smart watches and bracelets, VR headsets, etc.


Offline Learning

Students can continue with their training course via an application, even if they are no longer connected to the internet. Their results will be recorded.


Adaptive Learning

Students’ training courses are automatically personalised as they progress.

Some of our creations.

360° support for more efficiency.

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A single point of contact.

A single company is involved throughout the entire value chain of your project. The overall production of your company MOOC is managed by a project manager.

Element 02 | 03

Engaging training courses.

Innovation and design to boost engagement and memorizing! An educational engineer and an artistic director work together to ensure that students learn and memorize, whilst staying motivated.

Element 03 | 03

Latest-generation training solutions.

360°, VR, AR, 3D, Adaptive Learning, Mobile Learning, etc.

A production studio in our offices.

Because a picture paints a thousand words, let us show you photos of our integrated live multi-cam on-site studio.


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