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Innovative training.

Augmented reality (AR).

The term refers to the interaction of digital (virtual) elements with a real situation. The process takes place through a smart device – often mobile – which will position and update the digital elements in real time. The digital layer added in this way changes our perception of the real world by “augmenting” one or more of our five senses.

Virtual reality (VR).

Similar to augmented reality, virtual reality differs in that it doesn’t change our perception of a real environment using digital (virtual) elements, but by plunging us into an entirely digital environment, creating the illusion that we’re really experiencing it.


The ability to walk around in a filmed, digital setting which you can discover and explore from every angle: 360°.

Adaptive learning.

It consists of using an algorithm to identify the areas in which students excel and those in which they are less comfortable, along with their preferred learning method. The software then offers content and training formats to suit the students.


Optical Character Recognition or Text Recognition is a technique which allows you to convert different types of documents such as scans, PDFs or digital photos into editable text files.

Smart Data.

Smart data, targeted according to its relevance, is extracted from the immense mass of data resulting from the big data generated by your students. It provides you with knowledge to help you to identify action to take within the project management framework.

Predictive logic.

Analysis of students’ data is used to predict future behaviour. This helps you to boost their involvement and to prevent students from dropping out.


Single Sign-On refers to an authentication system allowing a user to access various professional portals without having to provide multiple authentications. The user enters a password at the beginning of the session and can then access the various applications.


This is a technique which allows viewers to choose the angle from which they can watch a scene unfold when viewing a video.

Scroll sequences.

These make it possible to view an object, filmed beforehand, from all angles, and to make it rotate with a slider or the mouse.


These are clickable tags which open with content to enhance the elements which first attracted students’ attention.

Interactive web series.

A series of short films broadcast online at roughly regular intervals, all linked by a common theme.

Mobile Learning.

Learning adapted to all types of smart, mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, multimedia players, portable game consoles, smart watches and bracelets, VR headsets, etc. Combined with state-of-the-art techniques, it offers feedback of information from the field (text, sounds, images, videos), the recording of real-life marks and the use of augmented reality.

Rapid Learning.

A technique which allows trainers to enhance, update and bring their training to life by producing and incorporating genuinely innovative training modules in a few hours using authoring tools.

Offline Learning.

Thanks to the xAPI technique, your innovative training courses are now accessible to students via a mobile application, even when offline. Data generated offline or online is synchronized and the training course is updated automatically.

SCORM standard.

This standard allows communication between an e-learning activity provider and a Learning Management System (LMS). It is able to track the completion of an activity as well as the level of success, the time spent, the mark, etc., on the web.

xAPI standard.

It’s the most modern standard for e-learning modules. It enables the collection and communication of all the data a student can produce, whether online, remotely or face-to-face, regardless of the device with which data is saved and the technology used. More efficient than SCORM, xAPI is then able to consider statements relating to field training courses or to personal work.

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