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Flexible option for modular training courses

The service, the LMS platform, the training course content: everything is modular and flexible.

For training solutions which really meet your needs

From auditing to creating, from producing to distributing, not forgetting co-ordinating: all our training solutions can be comprehensive or modular, so you can choose a solution to suit you!

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À la carte services

Choose the solutions which suit you.

  • Audit and consulting
  • Production of tailor-made content
  • Assembly and synchronisation of technical solutions (LMS and LCMS)
  • Outsourcing
  • Co-ordinating
  • User support
  • Training with new tools
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Modular training courses for individual programmes

Make your training provision modular to create individual programmes for students by combining different learning modules.

With modular training courses, your employees can learn throughout their careers at your company. Build a training programme which meets your students’ needs.

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LMS with modular architecture.

Developed in SaaS mode, the training platforms can be personalized, depending on the needs of your various core businesses (graphic appearance, features, etc.), and their scalable infrastructure. They can be specifically developed at your request.

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