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YES ‘N’ YOU Learning Fab, innovative and engaging training courses

Because it’s been bold enough to reinvent learning methods, YES ‘N’ YOU is an EdTech which creates bespoke, innovative, motivating and personalized training courses to enhance your employees’ skills.

Our objective: your employees’ progress!

YES ‘N’ YOU works to create tailor-made and engaging learning experiences. With our proven experience, we capitalise on 5 key areas!

Our areas of focus.

Digital Learning

Combining learning sources: the success of training courses can’t just be digital.
All our training courses are Digital and Blended Learning courses, designed to be accessible online but also combined with lessons and workshops run by trainers. As a precursor, YES ‘N’ YOU launched Task Blended Learning in 2005, the most effective and cost-efficient training solution. This experience has enabled us to create solutions using students’ feedback.

Education & Technology

For a personalized training course and to promote memorization
Today, certain kinds of technology promote learning. At YES ‘N’ YOU, we’ve tested and measured these technologies, developing them for more than 10 years to guarantee the success of our training courses. With our latest-generation Digital Learning solutions, your students make efficient progress.

Design, creativity and simplicity

For an optimum experience
Motivation and engagement are key when it comes to the learning process! At YES ‘N’ YOU, experience has shown the importance of creativity and design when creating efficient training courses. That's why our teams are made up of professional experts (artistic directors, educational engineers, motion designers, UX/UI developers, graphic designers, etc.) who can create personalised, design-based, simple and original training courses.

Our foundations.

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Your company is unique. YES ‘N’ YOU creates à la carte and personalised training programmes to respond to your company’s challenges.

Our teams of educational engineering experts and production and creative professionals advise you and support you to transform your training objectives into educational programmes.

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When it comes to education, it’s all about à la carte training courses which can be adapted to different target audiences. At YES ‘N’ YOU, we think it’s also about:

  • Case studies – essential for memorisation
  • Interaction – vital for engagement
  • Gamification – key for motivation
  • Assessments – primordial for progress

We advise you on implementing effective solutions, based on the active learning principle.

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YES ‘N’ YOU uses new technology to create impactful and effective training courses: virtual reality, 360°, augmented reality, 3D, Blended Learning, Adaptive Learning, Bite-Sized Learning, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, etc.

Our personalized training courses are compliant with all standards. We adapt the student experience to your organisation and to your preferences (UX/UI).

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Creativity and user experience are key factors when it comes to motivating, uniting and engaging students who are participants in and ambassadors of their training courses.

YES ‘N’ YOU’s philosophy: technology and creativity to enhance education!

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Our solutions can be comprehensive or modular. From design to user support, we provide a complete service when it comes to training courses, including support throughout the project.

Choose solutions which suit you: content production, educational engineering, technical solutions (learning platform/LMS), etc.

YES ‘N’ YOU offers support with the administration, distribution, co-ordination and change management of your projects.

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