Let-you guide, choose efficient digital and professional trainings.

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Digital training courses solutions

We build your training projects together.

Redesigning training to make it more effective

Let’s build interactive training solutions together.

You - Yes N You

Expert in your industry

Understanding your environment and your objective is the foundation of any collaboration. Listening to you gives us key information to target developments which will make your learning strategy more relevant.

Creator of digital solutions

Audit, consulting and creating Digital Learning solutions: YES ‘N’ YOU Learning Fab’s expertise comes from experience. We bring an entire team together for your projects, with a project manager who works alongside experts (educational engineers, an artistic director, producers, motion designers, etc).

Yes N You

Consulting and creating innovative training courses: the key elements

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360° immersion

We help you to explore: providing words and images which correspond to your needs (making demonstration models), helping you to get used to digital tools and measuring the scope of the intended changes.

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Working towards your educational objectives

Our educational engineering experts create latest-generation training courses with a single objective: your employees’ progress!

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Creativity & innovation = efficiency

Students are at the heart of our learning strategy. Thanks to our innovative technology, we create interactive and original training courses which are guaranteed to motivate students and enhance their skills.


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