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Spanish Blended Learning training courses

Personalized Spanish training courses to help your employees to roll their Rs with the best of them!

Efficient and personalized Spanish Language training courses

Personalized Spanish language training.

Spanish training courses adapted to the level, objectives and professional or personal challenges of your employees. Each student makes progress in Spanish at their own pace, free from the constraints of a group.

Support & reporting.

Support throughout the entire training project: personalized assessments, recommended courses which are adapted to your objectives, help with launching and monitoring the training and debriefing. With individual dashboards, you can measure each student’s development during training transparently and objectively.

An educational approach recognized for its efficiency.

A unique educational approach with Blended Learning, based on the CEFR scale which combines different sources of learning for optimum progress: online preparatory lessons, Spanish lessons with a teacher, microlearning, social learning, personalized content and a unique learning platform.


Guaranteed progress & certification.

Certified Spanish training that guarantees a progression on the levels scales of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with a follow-up of your skills acquired throughout the course.

Our certified Spanish training courses.

Our learning platform.

All our training courses are available 24/7 on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform. Design, simplicity and creativity for an optimum experience. Students’ participation in their training course is strengthened by stimulating teaching materials, both in terms of content and form, on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform.

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