Learn English via smartphone.

15 minutes of conversation a day with English-speaking tutors is enough to improve your level of English!

Learn English with conversation lessons via an English learning app with native-speaking tutors, 24/7.


From beginner (A2) to advanced (C2)


10-hour packages per employee which can be adapted (5, 10, 15+ minutes per session).

With the Speaken English learning app, the student can practise in English with native-speaking tutors, anywhere in the world!

Learn English with conversation lessons via Speaken application on your mobile, with native-speaking tutors.

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Live and archived sessions.

Conversation classes are available via video or audio calls on the student’s smartphone.

The student can view any session again to measure his or her progress; all sessions are archived in their history.

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Choice and flexibility.

The student can choose their tutor, using several filters (interests, location, gender, etc.).

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Guaranteed progress

At the end of every session, the tutor gives marks for the student’s level of fluency, the quality of their conversation, vocabulary and grammatical level.

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Your monitoring platfom.

The manager and the head of training can follow each employee’s development with the “Learning Manager” monitoring table.


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