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English Meetups

Add a one-to-one English course, with  personalised conversation classes with native-speakers to have even more practice.

Practise & boost fluency in professional English.

niveau - Yes N You


From intermediate (A2) to advanced (C2)


3 x 1 hour or 6 x 30 mins


Via video-conference or by telephone.

Individual and personalised English conversation lessons with native-speaking, certified teachers.

Role plays.

Practise professional English and strengthen oral fluency in a professional context. A choice of subjects, depending on professional challenges, requirements or role plays.

Conversation classes are available via video-conference or by telephone.

Our learning platform.

All our training courses are available 24/7 on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform.

Design, simplicité & créativité pour une expérience optimale. L’adhésion de tous les apprenants à leur formation est renforcée grâce aux supports pédagogiques stimulants, aussi bien sur le contenu que dans la forme, sur une plateforme d’apprentissage ludique et design.

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