Personalised training and daily English practice!

Strengthen oral fluency in a professional context, in addition to exercises and personalised content on the learning platform.

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All levels


6 x 30 mins and access to the platform for 3 months.


Via video-conference or by telephone

Individual and personalised daily English conversation lessons with a native-speaking and certified teacher.

Ideal mix of 4 sources of learning to practice English everyday.

Element 01 | 04

Conversation lessons.

Individual and personalized conversation lessons. Objectives: To practice and boost fluency in Business English.

Element 02 | 04

Daily English lessons and exercises lasting 5 to 10 minutes

Element 03 | 04

Daily Discovery.

Fun and professional content on key topics which has been specially chosen by our educational team: news, culture, art, trends, etc.

Element 04 | 04

Social Learning.

The student is motivated and involved in the learning process thanks to the collaborative element of Social Learning (students discussing their knowledge and experiences via dedicated tools: chat, forums, blogs, companies’ social networks, etc.).

Our learning platform.

All our training courses are available 24/7 on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform.Design, simplicity and creativity for an optimum experience. Students’ participation in their training course is strengthened by stimulating teaching materials, both in terms of content and form, on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform.

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