Personalized business theme-based English training sessions with native, certified teachers.

Improve students' Business English language skills through theme-based training sessions.


From Intermediate level (A2 upwards)


Packages of 3 hours or 2 x 1.5 hours, depending on the objectives

Professional and personalised lessons with native-speaking, certified teachers.

Element 01 | 02

Thematic workshops.

to develop skills in Business English on a specific professional subject (for example case studies, preparing for a meeting, conference or negotiations, role plays, etc.).

Element 02 | 02

3-hour English lessons.

via video-conference (individually or in small groups of a maximum of 3 people of the same level) or face-to-face with a teacher (individually or in small groups of a maximum of 5 people of the same level).

Our learning platform.

All our training courses are available 24/7 on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform.Design, simplicity and creativity for an optimum experience. Students’ participation in their training course is strengthened by stimulating teaching materials, both in terms of content and form, on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform.

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