The training project which helps you to save energy and money

Training financing & monitoring tools

Training Plan, Collective Initiatives, Personal Training Account or Professional Orientation Period: YES ‘N’ YOU supports you as you choose the most suitable training course for your company and your employees.

Before your training project:

The available systems to support you as you devise and finance your training project.

Personal Training Account(subsidized training), individualised training

The Personal Training Account (or CPF in French) enables you to set up and finance a certified skills training course for your employees which meets their requirements and objectives.

OPCA systems: finance your training project.

However wide-ranging your training project is, your OPCA is a key player and will help you to optimise and finance training courses for your employees.

OPCA (Authorised Joint Collection Bodies) manage the funding of professional training, while guaranteeing the quality of the delivered training.

AFDAS, FORCO, DEFI, FAFIEC, FAFIH and OPCALIA: YES ‘N’ YOU is registered with several OPCA. Take advantage of our multi-sectoral approach to develop skills at great rates!

During your training project:

YES ‘N’ YOU will explain how to proceed and offers support with its dedicated HR tools.

Identifying your training requirements with the Talent Analytics tool

As a Knowledge Management tool, the Talent Analytics tool helps you to identify requirements for language learning and to set practical, precise and achievable targets for each of your employees. Your training courses will be adapted, efficient and profitable.

Initial linguistic level assessment with the LSAT

Our LSAT (Language Skills Aptitude Test) system is a comprehensive assessment test which determines the initial level of the student on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) scale.

The LSAT assesses the 4 key linguistic skills: written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression. The professional environment, motivation and specific expectations linked to the student’s role are also analysed.

HR Tool, an essential project management tool for your training courses

Thanks to our intuitive and precise management tools, training managers and line managers can follow their employees’ progress during the course and obtain individual or collective reports.

YES ‘N’ YOU’s system of continuous assessment enables you to measure the impact of training and provides you with assurance that your training and skills requirements correlate. From initial diagnosis to final certification, YES ‘N’ YOU provides you with the necessary tools to manage and monitor your employees’ engagement, involvement and progress. Start checking those spreadsheets!


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