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Digital Learning

Learning Design, technological innovations and a good dose of creativity to train the employees of tomorrow.

From Blended Learning to Digital Learning

YES ‘N’ YOU goes further than mere Blended Learning. Our innovative Digital Learning educational approach combines different sources of learning to promote learning and memorising a language.
Choosing Digital Learning Training incorporates a collaborative dimension, motivating tools and individual performance monitoring.
Online learning apprentissage en ligne

Digital learning

Online preparatory lessons on our learning platform: videos, audio, fun texts and exercises.
Professeur anglais certifiés - Yes N You

Lessons with teachers

Personalised lessons with our native-speaking and certified teachers Content adapted to the student’s level and objectives.
Planning organisation formation - Yes N You


Also called Rapid Learning, this involves daily lessons and exercises lasting 5 to 10 minutes.

Learning platform

Personalised courses available 24/7 on a fun, cleverly-designed learning platform.
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Communication conversation - Yes N You

Social Learning

Collaborative Learning: exchanging knowledge, gamification, skills and experiences, using dedicated tools.

Personalised content

Personalised content, adapted to the student’s requirements, level and objectives
Certification - Yes N You


Certification of the level of English acquired on the CEFR scale.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning consists of identifying the areas in which the student excels and those in which he or she is less comfortable. The software then offers content and training formats to suit the student.

The 4 main advantages of Digital Learning.

“Flipped classroom” teaching.

The preparation courses are carried out before the courses with teachers, which allows to adapt and customize them. The flipped classroom has a better success rate and a better engagement rate for learners.

Personalised content.

Personalized content throughout the learning path based on goals and performance. 24/7 access to your exercises, classes and content from your personalised training platform.

Collaborative Learning.

A collaborative element through Social Learning (students discussing their knowledge and experiences via dedicated tools: chat, forums, blogs, companies’ social networks, etc.). Interactivity between learners makes training more attractive and increases motivation.

Increased commitment.

A positive return on experience (ROE) with a high “commitment rate” among students. With digital learning, the learner is involved in his training. It memorizes more easily the contents of its formation.

Why choose an EdTech for training courses?

A pure player within digital professional training courses, YES ‘N’ YOU is an EdTech which stands out with its capacity to build Digital Learning training courses. Alternating innovative learning methods and cutting-edge technologies, YES ‘N’ YOU focuses on adaptability to support your employees in their search to acquire new professional skills.

The sky is the limit!

Educational engineering is key when it comes to training, which is why YES ‘N’ YOU, as an EdTech, has developed even more innovative and effective training courses which benefit from the best educational technology innovations: Predictive Learning, cognitive processes, gamification, augmented reality, virtual reality, 360°, etc.

Some of our training solutions and developments

Educational engineering for more efficiency
Educational engineering is a way of looking ahead within the world of learning to anticipate its evolution. From the very beginning, this has helped YES ‘N’ YOU to create the best learning situations: those which promote students' involvement, rather than the mere transfer of information.
Adaptive Learning to engage the student
Adaptive Learning is based on the creation of a learning model which automatically and constantly adapts to the student’s different actions. Detailed understanding of the effects of each action (thanks to a thorough analysis of data and powerful algorithms) makes it possible to predict and automatically adapt the next part of the training course. With 10 years of experience and data collection, our R&D team has developed Predictive Learning (a Machine Learning solution based on the use of our data) to build training models which are adapted to the environment and learning circumstances of each student.
Mobile Learning: learn whenever you want
Adapted to students’ use of mobile phones, Mobile Learning is one part of the multi-modal training system. It makes the training system more efficient, promotes knowledge retention and facilitates the acquisition of skills. Speaken App Students can practise English wherever and whenever with the Speaken application which links up English-speaking tutors with students to perfect their English.
Gamification to motivate students
Gamification is based on humans’ predisposition to play in order to strengthen students’ commitment and motivation during the training course. There are several benefits: improved concentration, increased involvement and more. This makes it possible to keep learning at a fast pace without realising it. Motivated by rewards and advice from their colleagues or members of the community, students enjoy making progress.
Social Learning, shared success
Social Learning adds a collaborative dimension to language training courses. Students discussing their knowledge and experiences via dedicated collaborative tools such as chat, forums and blogs significantly boosts their motivation and their level of commitment. That’s why at YES ‘N’ YOU, we have a team dedicated to student engagement and motivation.

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