Rewards for boldness and performance

Language certification and quality labels:

Because we’ve been bold enough to reinvent learning methods and because your employees can be proud of their performances, let’s highlight our rewards!

CeLP, unique language certification in Europe for our English training courses.

YES ‘N’ YOU, the first company to offer certification courses based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CeLP Certificate of Language Proficiency is based on a continuous, formative assessment of all the skills and knowledge constituting the CEFR: knowledge, know-how and social skills in the student’s professional context. The CeLP therefore offers a real level of practice and proficiency in English in professional and social situations. The CeLP language certification is recognized by the National Commission of Professional Certification (CNCP).

What skills are assessed for the CeLP?

The procedure for issuing the CeLP certificate is based on an assessment of positive results and continuous efforts, ensuring transparency and knowledge. It’s based on a process which involves a triple check: an assessment of the training’s educational approach, an assessment of students’ performance throughout the training course a check to ensure that eligibility criteria (attendance, scores, etc.), established by the certifying body, TÜV Rheinland, are satisfied. With YES ‘N’ YOU, you provide your employees with a document to certify their level of English on the CEFR scale.

The neutral and independent certifying body: TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland is the certifying body for CeLP. It is a neutral and independent certifying body, which certifies both the educational approach and confirms the student’s level of attainment and linguistic skills and knowledge, as defined by the CEFR.​ Our language training courses also prepare students to take the tests for TOEIC, BULATS, BRIGHT and DCI certification.

YES ‘N’ YOU training is OPQF certified.

YES ‘N’ YOU has been recognised for the quality of its training courses and was given ISQ’s* professional training certification, or OPQF. OPQF certification recognises the quality and relevance of YES ‘N’ YOU’s training courses and teaching methods.

Among other things, it confirms compliance with regulations, the adequacy of skills and the technical and human resources used in training initiatives, customer satisfaction and the financial sustainability of YES ‘N’ YOU.

YES ‘N’ YOU’s expertise in teaching and control over all content production make it possible to offer programmes which develop and certify learned skills, adapted to companies’ requirements to develop their human capital.

This certification strengthens YES ‘N’ YOU’s position as a reference EdTech when it comes to Blended Learning training courses for companies.

*ISQ – the body which certifies intellectual services companies – is the only body in France to issue this type of certification. ISQ is accredited by Cofrac (the French accreditation committee) according to the NF X50-091 standard, under number 4-0528.

certification opqf - Yes N You
datadock formation - Yes N You

DATA DOCK: the baseline for training courses.

Established by OPCA, the Data Dock database brings together all the training bodies and EdTechs which satisfy all the applicable quality criteria and YES ‘N’ YOU is proud to be a part of it!

It offers you the assurance that our training courses combine the qualities required for an effective training cycle: identifying your needs, providing systems to welcome, monitor and assess, along with effective technical and educational methods, qualified trainers, etc.

For your employees who benefit from our training courses, it’s a real guarantee of quality.



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