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Innovative and motivating Digital Learning Training courses.

Because we’ve been bold enough to reinvent learning methods, YES ‘N’ YOU is an EdTech which creates innovative, motivating and personalised training courses to enhance your employees’ skills.

The student’s experience at the heart of training.

More than just training, YES ‘N’ YOU works to create tailor-made learning experiences, in line with students’ objectives. YES ‘N’ YOU’s goal: to help your teams to reach their objectives, to use technology to realise your ambitions. YES ‘N’ YOU capitalises both on the synergy between education and technology to promote learning and memorisation and on design, simplicity and creativity to offer an optimum experience for all our students.

From Blended Learning to Digital Learning

Blended Learning is the ideal mix of learning with a teacher and learning with digital teaching aids. These 2 sources of learning fit perfectly together for maximum efficiency while our tools help with performance. To make training courses even more motivating and collaborative, YES ‘N’ YOU goes further than mere Blended Learning, developing innovative Digital Learning training courses. They take advantage of new sources of digital learning to further encourage the learning and memorising of a language.

Efficient Blended Learning means Flipped Classroom learning.

The Flipped Classroom method is all about flipping the rules of the classic learning process. The Flipped Classroom teaching method consists of flipping teaching time to give real meaning to face-to-face teaching.

The flipped lesson begins with the student training himself or herself, learning independently by means of interactive content: videos, tests, texts, audio, quizzes – fun formats to encourage a desire to learn, before meeting the trainer.

The student then has a lesson with a teacher who puts the student’s independent learning into practice while encouraging discussions.

After the lesson, the student can review what he or she has learned independently and focus on the key points for the next level. All of YES ‘N’ YOU’s training courses are based on the Flipped Classroom educational principle.

Our 7-point educational approach

The synergy between education and technology to promote learning and memorisation
The ideal combination of online learning and lessons with trainers
Design, simplicity and creativity for an optimum experience
An original approach and exclusive concept for rapid progress
A team of expert educators and native-speaking, certified trainers
Personalised training and individual support
Certification of the level reached on the globally recognized scale of the CEFR

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