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Thanks to the complete support of YES ‘N’ YOU, you get an innovative, motivating and certifying training project.

Innovation and technology at the heart of our business.

The strength of YES 'N' YOU: the synergy between New Technologies and Pedagogy.

Labels and certifications

All our learners can get a certification at the end of a language training course. Whether it’s the CELP (Certification of Language Proficiency) or other certificates like TOEIC, TOEFL, BULATS, DCL, BRIGHT, the performance has its reward. YES ‘N’ YOU also has its certification: rewarded for the quality of its trainings, YES ‘N’ YOU possesses the label ISQ – OPQF. True guarantee of quality for you and your collaborators, YES ‘N’ YOU is also referenced in the DataDock database.

Technology & innovation

YES ‘N’ YOU is an EdTech and revolutionizes pedagogy with totally innovative training solutions. From Blended Learning to Digital Learning, teaching methods evolve using new discoveries in pedagogical engineering and technological innovation.

Our vision

YES ‘N’ YOU is an EdTech with innovative training solutions that focuses on building tailor-made learning experiences. Putting technology at the service of your ambitions, that is the will of YES ‘N’ YOU. How? Capitalizing on Pedagogy and Technology as well as on Design and Creativity.

Tools & financing

Setting up an effective and personalized training plan for a team requires a lot of energy and time. YES ‘N’ YOU guides you in the construction of your project by advising you on the definition of your needs, the most appropriate training solution, financing tools, training management, monitoring.

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