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YES 'N' YOU, partner of your training project.

From funding to certification on the European scale of the CEFR, YES ‘N’ YOU is your partner throughout your training thanks to dedicated tools and technologies for innovation and training.

Our recipe:
Certified Blended Learning.

The 4 key ingredients to the most efficient and cost-effective language training solution, Blended Learning.

Personalised training

The language training course is adapted to the student’s level and target level on the CEFR scale, taking the student’s skills and expectations into account. Free from the constraints and pressures of a group, the student acquires new linguistic skills at his or her own pace.

Complementary learning techniques

Online preparatory lessons, which are taken before lessons with trainers, promote a levelling up approach. Depending on their strengths and weaknesses, students work on specific areas.

 Private lessons with native-speaking teachers

Shorter and more efficient, these lessons are given face-to-face or via video-conference by native-speaking and certified teachers. They are often for individuals but can also be organised for small groups within your company.

Analysis of experience feedback

With individual monitoring Dashbords, you can measure each student’s development during training, transparently and objectively. This detailed analysis justifies the investment spent on training.

Language training courses & CEFR.

All our language training courses have been built on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a reference in the field of language learning which is recognised worldwide.

Your language training project with YES ‘N’ YOU begins by identifying the CEFR level of your employees and is built around the framework’s levels which you want to target. Understanding the CEFR

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HR Tool, an essential project management tool.

Thanks to our intuitive and precise management tools, training managers and line managers can follow their employees’ progress during the course and obtain individual or collective reports. YES ‘N’ YOU’s system of continuous assessment enables you to measure the impact of training and provides you with assurance that your training and skills requirements correlate. From initial diagnosis to final certification, YES ‘N’ YOU provides you with the necessary tools to manage and monitor your employees’ engagement, involvement and progress. Start checking those spreadsheets!

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